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By Kim Stanley Robinson

ISBN-10: 0307571858

ISBN-13: 9780307571854

Kim Stanley Robinson - Antarctica

From the award-winning writer of the Mars Trilogy comes an exhilarating new novel....

Kim Stanley Robinson, writer of the Hugo and Nebula award-winning Mars trilogy, is without doubt one of the most unusual and visionary writers of fiction at the present time. Now, in his most recent novel, he's taking us to a harsh, alien panorama lined by means of a sheet of ice miles deep. this is often no far-off planet--it is the final natural barren region on earth.

A stark and inhospitable position, its panorama poses a problem to survival; but its unusual, silent attractiveness has lengthy interested scientists and adventurers. Now Antarctica faces an doubtful destiny. The overseas treaty that protects the continent is set to dissolve, clearing the way in which for Antarctica's assets and eerie good looks to be plundered. As politicians and firms stream to figure out its destiny from part an international away, radical environmentalists perform a covert crusade of sabotage to reclaim the land. The winner of this severe conflict will confirm the long run for this final nice wilderness....

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