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32 13:52 Annual Reviews AR123-02 JENKINS ET AL the same antigen both move from their starting locations to meet at the border between the T and B cell areas (24, 56, 57). Nahm and coworkers provided the first evidence for the T cell movement by showing that CD4 T cells expressing MBP-specific TCR V segments appeared in the follicles of mice immunized with MBP (58). The basis for this phenomenon was identified in several tracking studies that showed that antigen-specific CD4 T cells migrate from the T cell area into the B cell–rich follicles, after first proliferating in the T cell area (43, 44, 59).

Priming involving this type of antigen transfer was termed cross-priming to differentiate it from direct T cell activation by the actual cells expressing the minor antigens. In recent times, such presentation has been given the term cross-presentation (2). According to this simple definition, cross-presentation can involve either class I– or class II–restricted antigens, although this term has often been associated solely with class I–restricted antigens. This association is partly historical because the original cross-priming experiments involved class I–restricted cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) priming to minor antigens.

J. Exp. Med. 185:2133–41 27. Luther SA, Gulbranson-Judge A, AchaOrbea H, MacLennan ICM. 1997. Viral superantigen drives extrafollicular and follicular B cell differentiation leading to virus-specific antibody production. J. Exp. Med. 185:551–62 28. Ebnet K, Kaldjian EP, Anderson AO, Shaw S. 1996. Orchestrated information transfer underlying leukocyte endothelial interactions. Annu. Rev. Immunol. 14:155–77 29. Shortman K, Vremec D, Corcoran LM, Georgopoulos K, Lucas K, Wu L. 1998. The linkage between T-cell and dendritic cell development in the mouse thymus.

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