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By Marko Kloos

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ISBN-13: 9781477828311

The alien forces often called the Lankies are amassing at the sunlight system's aspect, consolidating their conquest of Mars and environment their points of interest on the earth. The far away colony of recent Svalbard, bring to an end from the remainder of the galaxy through the Lanky blockade, teeters at the verge of hunger and cave in. The forces of the 2 Earth alliances have gained minor skirmishes yet are at risk of wasting the conflict. For battle-weary employees sergeant Andrew Grayson and the ragged forces of the North American Commonwealth, the struggle for survival is getting into a catastrophic new phase.

Forging an uneasy alliance with their Sino-Russian enemies, the NAC launches a hybrid job strength on a protracted shot: a stealth project to breach the Lanky blockade and reestablish provide traces with Earth. Plunging into wrestle opposed to a cruel alien species that outguns, outmaneuvers, and outfights them at each flip, Andrew and his fellow soldiers may possibly turn out cornered on their domestic turf, without means out and no wish for reinforcement. And this time, the fight for humanity's destiny can in simple terms result in both victory or annihilation.

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