"And the Two Shall Become One Flesh": A Study of Traditions - download pdf or read online

By J. Paul Sampley

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During this unique exegesis of Ephesians five: 21-33 Dr Sampley not just elucidates the that means of this hard and traditionally very important passage, yet he additionally discusses and describes the history and assets of the Epistle. particularly he lines the historical past of the traditions included in it and demonstrates convincingly that the author of Ephesians drew seriously on sure passages in Genesis and Leviticus. Ephesians could be visible as a mosaic of traditions ingeniously prepared and hired to specific the hot message of the early church. This ebook might be of curiosity to all previous and New testomony students.

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One set of MSS supports UTTOTaaoiadcocjav (the Hesychian family, the Vulgate, Egyptian translations and part of Clement of Alexandria). The other reading UTTOTao-oicrOe is supported by the Koine group of MSS as well as the Syriac and Marcion. Both UTTOTacTCT&T0cocrav and CnroTao-CTecrOe are in fact secondary attempts to resolve the problem created in v. 21 by the presence of the participle uTTOTCKjaonevoi so far removed from a finite verb. The substitution of either variant would provide a closer finite verb, but neither is necessary.

215) states that 'Paul ne cite pas ici l'ficriture'. In a footnote to this statement, Masson gives the reason for his judgment: * Cela ressort de Pabsence de toute formule de citation, dont l'auteur sait user (4. 8; 5. ' On the contrary, in Ephesians indebtedness to the OT is not generally acknowledged by introductory phrases, but is part of the language that the author weaves directly into the flow of his thought. Some examples may be seen (1) in the way Ps. 110 is used in 1: 20-2, (2) in the use of Isa.

The sixteenth chapter of Ezekiel may be considered a highly relevant parallel, since its context is similar to Eph. 3 Hosea's bride was disposed to harlotry from the beginning (1: 2) ,4 Jeremiah and Ezekiel employ and expand the tradition of Israel as YHWH's unfaithful bride. Ezekiel's main interest is in the bride Israel as unfaithful also. 5 Zimmerli, by the heading of his treatment of Ezek. 6 To be sure, the bulk of chapter 16, as well as chapter 23, does treat 1 Generalizing treatments of the YHWH-Israel, YHWH-Jerusalem background of the Christ-church hieros gamos are available.

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