New PDF release: Analysis and Simulation of Heterostructure Devices

By Dr. techn.Dipl.-Ing. Vassil Palankovski, Dr. techn.Dipl.-Phys. Rüdiger Quay (auth.)

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Communication and data platforms are topic to fast and hugely so­ phisticated alterations. at present semiconductor heterostructure units, resembling Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors (HBTs) and excessive Electron Mobility Transis­ tors (HEMTs), are one of the quickest and such a lot complex high-frequency units. They fulfill the necessities for low strength intake, medium integration, cost effective in huge amounts, and high-speed operation features in circuits. within the very high-frequency variety, cut-off frequencies as much as 500 GHz [557] were said at the equipment point. HEMTs and HBTs are very compatible for top­ potency energy amplifiers at 900 MHz in addition to for facts charges larger than a hundred Gbitfs for long-range conversation and hence disguise a wide variety of appli­ cations. to deal with explosive improvement bills and the contest of present day semicon­ ductor undefined, expertise Computer-Aided layout (TCAD) methodologies are used broadly in improvement and creation. As of 2003, III-V semiconductor HEMT and HBT micrometer and millimeter-wave built-in circuits (MICs and MMICs) can be found on six-inch GaAs wafers. SiGe HBT circuits, as a part of the CMOS know-how on eight-inch wafers, are in quantity construction. Simulation instruments for expertise, units, and circuits decrease dear technological efforts. This e-book makes a speciality of the appliance of simulation software program to heterostructure units with appreciate to commercial purposes. particularly, a close dialogue of actual modeling for an outstanding number of fabrics is presented.

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Static frequency dividers operating beyond 100 GHz have been reported by Hughes in [345]. Fig. 3 shows the cutoff frequencies iT and /max and the product iTx BV CEO. The genuine advantage of the III-V devices in terms of speed and breakdown voltage can be observed, since the product iT x B V CEO for high-speed 111-V devices exceeds the Si-based values given in Fig. 2 by a factor of 4 to 5, allowing larger device geometries 20 2. State-of-the-Art of Materials, Device Modeling, and RF Devices 2000 1800 >'N 0 1600 0 0 1400 2.

E. reduction of base thickness without enhanced minority carrier tunneling [33] • Optimization of horizontal doping profiles to reduce the effective emitter size in order to increase speed • Reliability improvements for increased current densities necessary to increase device speed, such as reduction of the emitter resistance • Reduction of parasitic elements by scaling the feature size • Maintenance of compatibility of the SiGe HBT process module to the standard CMOS technology process flow Based on the optimization results already achieved and documented in this section, SiGe HBTs are significantly challenging the 111-V devices in RF applications, especially in low-noise and low-power, high-speed applications.

I n _3·ks. Tn+n . Tn-TL) 2 div Sp = grad (~v - at 7 f ,n 'IjJ) . ks . (a (p . Tp) 2 m + R . Tp + P . Tp - n) . 9) 28 3. Physical Models Here Tc,n and energy fluxes. denote the energy relaxation times, while Tc ,p Sn and Sp are the Sn = -tbn . 10) Sp = -tb p . grad Tp + - . --p . 11) 2 q The carrier thermal conductivities, Wiedemann-Franz law. tb n = ( ~2 + Cn ) ( ~2 + C ) p . J p. tb n and tb p , are assumed to obey a generalized k~q . n . I/. 12) k~q . p. I/. 13) The heat capacities Cn and cp are usually neglected (cn = cp = 0) .

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