An Exploration of Dynamical Systems and Chaos: Completely by John H. Argyris, Gunter Faust, Maria Haase, Rudolf Friedrich PDF

By John H. Argyris, Gunter Faust, Maria Haase, Rudolf Friedrich

ISBN-10: 3662460416

ISBN-13: 9783662460412

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ISBN-13: 9783662460429

This e-book is conceived as a complete and distinct text-book on non-linear dynamical platforms with specific emphasis at the exploration of chaotic phenomena. The self-contained introductory presentation is addressed either to people who desire to learn the physics of chaotic structures and non-linear dynamics intensively in addition to those people who are curious to benefit extra in regards to the attention-grabbing international of chaotic phenomena. easy ideas like Poincaré part, iterated mappings, Hamiltonian chaos and KAM conception, unusual attractors, fractal dimensions, Lyapunov exponents, bifurcation conception, self-similarity and renormalisation and transitions to chaos are completely defined. To facilitate comprehension, mathematical thoughts and instruments are brought in brief sub-sections. The textual content is supported through various computing device experiments and a mess of graphical illustrations and color plates emphasising the geometrical and topological features of the underlying dynamics.

This quantity is a very revised and enlarged moment version which contains lately got examine result of topical curiosity, and has been prolonged to incorporate a brand new part at the simple thoughts of chance concept. a very new bankruptcy on absolutely constructed turbulence offers the successes of chaos concept, its boundaries in addition to destiny developments within the improvement of complicated spatio-temporal constructions.

"This e-book may be of important aid for my lectures" Hermann Haken, Stuttgart

"This text-book shouldn't be lacking in any introductory lecture on non-linear systems

and deterministic chaos" Wolfgang Kinzel, Würzburg

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A series of colour plates presenting various selective enlargements depicts the richness of structures in the fractal boundaries of the Mandelbrot set. 8, we again turn to the circle map of Chapter 8 and, by means of the Lyapunov exponents, gain an overview of the inner structure of the Arnold tongues. The results agree very well with the theoretical results. On the basis of the Lyapunov exponents, the different transitions to chaos can be discussed very simply. Their self-similar structure is reflected in the corresponding bifurcation diagrams.

8 illustrate the fact that graphic representations can be extraordinarily helpful for the comprehension of some phenomena occurring in non-linear recursion rules. Shortly after the First World War, the two French mathematicians Gaston Julia and Pierre Fatou studied the iteration of rational functions. They discovered that, depending on the initial value, the iteration sequences converged to different solutions; the boundaries between the basins of attraction of these attractors exhibit highly peculiar characteristics and are of unsuspected multifariousness.

Apart from the difficulties involved in an adequate comprehension of a complex process, there is a further obstacle that everyone breaking new ground must surmount, even – or especially – in science. No one but Werner Heisenberg could have expressed this so memorably: “Wenn wirkliches Neuland betreten wird, kann es aber vorkommen, daß nicht nur neue Inhalte aufzunehmen sind, sondern daß sich die Struktur des Denkens ¨andern muß, wenn man das Neue verstehen will. Dazu sind offenbar viele nicht bereit oder nicht in der Lage”, see (Heisenberg, 1969), p.

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