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By Allen Carr

ISBN-10: 0140277633

ISBN-13: 9780140277630

Allen Carr's hundred-cigarettes-a-day dependancy drove him to melancholy, yet after numerous makes an attempt to give up he came upon what the realm have been anticipating - the straightforward solution to quit smoking. Now acknowledged because the world's major professional on assisting people who smoke to hand over, Allen Carr's informative, no scare strategies tools and strategies are a revelation for these eager to kick the behavior.

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The extent of the brainwashing is quite incredible. As a society we get all uptight about glue-sniffing, heroin addiction, etc. Actual deaths from glue-sniffing do not amount to ten per annum, and deaths from heroin are less than a hundred a year in this country. There is another drug, nicotine, on which over 60 per cent of us become hooked at some time in our lives and the majority spend the rest of their lives paying for it through the nose. Most of their spare money goes on cigarettes and hundreds of thousands of people have their lives ruined every year because they became hooked.

You pay me £1,000 now, and I will provide you with free cigarettes for the rest of your life,' If I were offering to take over a £40,000 mortgage for £1,000, the smoker would have my signature, on a piece of paper before I could move, and yet not one confirmed smoker (and please bear in mind 1 am not now talking to someone like yourself who plans to stop, I am talking to someone who has no intention of stopping) has ever taken me up on that offer. Why not? Often at this point in my consultation, a smoker will say, 'Look, I am not really worried about the money aspect,' If you are thinking along these lines, ask yourself why you are not worried.

Most calls aren't from satisfied customers or your boss congratulating you. There's usually some sort of aggro - something going wrong or somebody making demands. At that time the smoker, if he isn't already doing so, will light up a cigarette. He doesn't know why he does this, but he does know that for some reason it appears to help. What has actually happened is this. e. the withdrawal pangs). By partially relieving that aggravation at the same time as normal stress, the total stress is reduced and the smoker gets a boost.

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