Advances in database programing languages by Fançois Bancilhon; Peter Buneman (eds.) PDF

By Fançois Bancilhon; Peter Buneman (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0201502577

ISBN-13: 9780201502572

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Boss); In the nested sets table the difference between the (lft, rgt) values of leaf nodes is always 1. Think of the little worm turning the corner as he crawls along the tree. That means you can find all leaf nodes with the following extremely simple query: SELECT * FROM Orgchart WHERE(rgt - lft) = 1; There is a further trick to speed up queries. Build a unique index on either the lft column or on the pair of columns (lft, rgt), and then the optimizer can use just the index instead of searching the base table itself.

First, you must make a decision about how to handle the surviving subordinates, by choosing from the following three basic approaches: 1. The Ancient Egyptian school of management: When a node is removed, all of the subordinates are removed. When a pharaoh dies, you bury all his slaves with him. 2. Send the orphans to Grandmother: The subordinates of the deleted node became immediate subordinates of their boss’s boss. 3. The oldest son takes over the shop: One of the subordinates assumes the position previously held by the deleted node.

4, 1995). The approach he took was to do a breadth-first search, instead of a depth-first search of the tree. Rozenshtein’s objection was that processing a single node at a time leads to algorithms of complexity O(n), whereas processing the nodes by levels leads to algorithms of complexity O(log2(n)). 32 CHAPTER 2: ADJACENCY LIST MODEL His model is a modified adjacency list mode, with an extra column for the level of the node in the tree. Here is a sample tree, with levels filled in. 1 Numbering the Levels Assigning level numbers is a simple loop, done one level at a time.

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Advances in database programing languages by Fançois Bancilhon; Peter Buneman (eds.)

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