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By Joseph A. Fitzmyer

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Judaism and Hellenism: Studies in Their Encounter in Palestine during the Early Hellenistic Period (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1974). 24 See V. Tcherikover, Hellenistic Civilization and the Jews ( Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1959) 90-116. Cf. C. (IR §214). 2S 1 Mace 1:11-15; Josephus, Ant. 1 §240 (την ίλληνικήν πολιτίίαν t\tLv, "adopt the Greek way of life"[R. Marcus, LCL, 1. 123]). This Jewish support scarcely substantiates the thesis once proposed by I. Voss that Greek became the only language spoken in Palestine since Alexander.

P. 3; B. Mazar, I he Excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem near the Temple Mount: Preliminary Report of the \fcond and Third Seasons 1969-1970 (Jerusalem: Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University, '971) 5 (fig. 6); "Excavations near the Temple Mount," Qadmomot 5 (1972) 74-90, esp. p. 83 (an 48 A WANDERING ARAMEAN inscription mentioning LEG X FR and Lucius Flavius Silva, governor of Judea. D. 73-79 80); J. Olami and J. " IEJ 25 (1975) 148-50; cf. Qadmoniot 1 (1974) 44-46; G. B. Sarfatti, "A Fragmentary Roman Inscription in the Turkish Wall of Jerusalem," IEJ 25 (1975) 151.

Schwärt/. IEJ 12 [1962] 135-36); the votive offering on an altar to Syrian gods, Hadad and Atargatis. from Ptolemais. C. (SEG, 18. §622). Y. H. Landau ("A Greek Inscription Found Near Hef/ibah," IEJ 16 [1966] 54-70) has published an unusual inscription recording orders issued by Antiochus III and his eldest son, the junior king Antiochus, for the benefit of Ptolemaios. the military governor (στρατη-γός) and high priest (ap\itptv<;) of Coele-Syria and Phoenicia, along with the memoranda sent by Ptolemaios to the king.

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