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This learn uncovers major structuring concepts in "James" that end up to be important in a few methods. First, there exists a coherent, discernible technique within the letter as an entire. moment, major makes use of of inclusion, in addition to different transition concepts, draw cognizance to big ordinary issues. 3rd, the citation of Lev. 19:18 and echoes of the Shema (Deut. 6) happen in major structural destinations suggesting that the double-love command within the Jesus culture (cf. Mt. 22:34-40) is a hermeneutical key to the translation of the letter. The research starts off with an advent to the examine challenge and its value for interpretation. bankruptcy one summarizes and reviews previous proposals of the constitution of James. bankruptcy explains the text-linguistic method hired within the research that's then utilized in chapters 3, 4, and 5. bankruptcy six deals a proposed constitution for the letter that involves a double creation (1:2-11; 1:13-27) joined by means of an overlapping transition (1:12), a gently crafted letter physique (2:1-5:6) that's bracketed by means of a massive inclusion (2:12-13 & 4:11-12), and a end (5:7-20).

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51. Penner, James and Eschatology, p. 128. ' The entry of text-linguistics into biblical studies has been dow and is still in a developmental stage. Since text-linguistic theory underlies the method chosen for this study, an explanation of its origins, major tenets and application to New Testament texts in particular is in order. This will be followed by an explanation of the specific method adopted for application to the text of James. 1. 'Ihe literature in this regard is obviously vast. For a helpful summary and overview of the importance of linguistics for biblical ioterp~etationsee Cotterell and Tuner, Linguistics andBiblica1Intmpreti2tion.

Additionally, the field of study became quite complex as the possibilities of discourse analysis captured the interests of researchers in various disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, philology, psychology and mass communicationto name a few. ' However, as one New Testament discourse analyst recently noted, 'Despite its variegated past and still somewhat unstable present, discourse analysis has established itself as 4. Robert de Beaugrande and J. Wolfgang Drasler, Introduction to Text Linguistics (London: Langman, 1981), pp.

2-27 A. 2-11 B. 12-27 III. 1-26 A. 1-13 B. 14-26 TV. 12 A. 1-12 B. 13-18 C. 1-10 D. 11-12 V. 6 A. 13-17 B. 1-6 VI. 7-20 A. 7-11 B. 12 C. 13-18 D. 19-20 Fig. 3. Peter Davids outline of James" Other, yet less detailed, chiastic proposals that merit attention include that of Robert B. Crotty and James M. Reese. The proposals sought to isolate the 'core' of the letter by indentifying the peak of a chiastic arrangement. 19-20, an inclusio that frames the letter. "6 Reese suggested a less elaborate chiasm, noting that the author had in mind a concentric structure in which the innermost circle conveys the central message and unifies the whole.

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