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By Dave Mathewson

In this ebook the writer makes an attempt to maneuver past purely determining and substantiating OT allusions in Revelation to contemplating how the presence of OT allusions and echoes impacts studying Rev. 21.1-22.5 and the way the OT features in the context of the full paintings. the writer concludes number of semantic results come to mind by way of the author's non-stop intertextual attract the OT: new production, new exodus, new Jerusalem, new covenant, bridge, new temple-priesthood, paradise restored and renewed, inclusion of the international locations, prophetic legitimization. the varied allusions functionality to form the reader's notion of eschatological hope.

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1044. 59. See his thorough treatment of the tradition history of the precious stones from Rev. 18-21 in Revelation, pp. 1080-88. 60. Beale, Revelation, p. 1119. 61. Beale, Revelation, p. 1062. 62. Beale, Revelation, pp. 1117-21. 18 A New Heaven and a New Earth Conclusions and Evaluation: Issues Requiring Further Investigation The preceding survey of treatments of the use of the Old Testament in Rev. 5 enables us to delimit the scope of our research more precisely. There is substantial agreement in the above works that the pervasive influence of the Old Testament on these chapters must be accounted for in interpretation, especially from Isaiah and Ezekiel.

22-26. 51. Cf. esp. Deutsch, 'Transformation of Symbols', p. 123. 2. Revelation 21. l-5a 41 which picks up the echo of Isa. 1, and further heightens the contrast with the impurity of Babylon in chs. 17-18 (cf. 2). Thus, through allusion to Isa. 1 the author activates features from the broader context of Isa. 52, echoing the similar 'leaving Babylon' and 'traveling to restored Zion' pattern clearly present in Isa. 52 (w. 11-12) and featured throughout Isa. 40-55. In fact, an allusion to Isa. 11 (cf.

63. For a helpful list of questions to ask in analyzing the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament, see K. K. ), The Right Doctrine From the Wrong 22 A New Heaven and a New Earth Further avenues for exploring the significance of the Old Testament in Revelation have been opened up by recent theoretical work done on allusion, echo and intertextuality. Though Revelation's reference to the Old Testament is allusive, recent work on allusion and echo have suggested ways of giving an adequate account for their significance.

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