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1. Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- III. average Philosophy.- IV. Feminism.- V. Conclusions.- 2. Kristina Wasa, Queen of Sweden.- I. Biography.- II. Philosophy.- 1. conventional tests of Kristina’s Views.- 2. Kristina’s Philosophical Development.- three. Kristina and Descartes.- four. spiritual Skepticism.- five. Philosophy and Linguistics.- 6. The Maxims.- 7. Misogyny and Feminism.- III. Conclusions.- three. Anne Finch, Viscountess Conway.- I. Biography.- II. impact on Leibniz.- III. Philosophical Writing.- IV. Summary.- four. Sor Juana Inés De los angeles Cruz.- I. Biography.- II. Prose Philosophical Works.- 1. Carta Atenagórica.- 2. Respuesta.- III. Philosophical Poetry.- 1. Sueño.- 2. Sonnets.- IV. Conclusions.- five. Damaris Cudworth Masham.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- 1. Correspondence.- 2. religion and Reason.- three. girls, schooling and Reason.- four. Epistemology, Feminism and ethical Philosophy.- III. Conclusions.- 6. Mary Astell.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- III. non secular Epistemology and Women.- 1. of Women.- 2. ladies, Epistemology and Reason.- three. Marriage and Subjection of Women.- IV. Epistemology and non secular Knowledge.- 1. cause and Revelation.- 2. no matter if subject Can Think.- three. even if God is the effective reason behind ache and Pleasure.- V. Conclusions.- 7. Catharine Trotter Cockburn.- I. Biography.- II. Philosophical Writings.- III. Epistemological Foundations of ethical Law.- 1. wisdom of advantage and Vice.- 2. ordinary Conscience.- IV. Epistemological origin of Religion.- 1. The function of Rewards and Punishments.- 2. On Revelation.- V. The Immortality of the Soul.- 1. even if God could upload proposal to Matter.- VI. Summary.- VII. Conclusions.- eight. Gabrielle Émilie Le Tonnelier De Breteuil Du Châtelet-Lomont.- I. Biography.- II. Ethics, faith and Philosophy of Language.- 1. Ethics.- 2. Philosophy of Religion.- three. Philosophy of Language.- III. Collaborative Works.- 1. Collaboration on Voltaire’s Éléments.- 2. Collaboration with Voltaire on Traité de Métaphysique.- IV. Metaphysics.- 1. Writings on Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science.- 2. the advance of du Châtelet’s perspectives on Metaphysics.- three. unfastened Will: difficulties for Newtonian Science.- four. fixing the issues of Newtonianism.- five. response to du Châtelet’s Metaphysics.- V. Philosophy of Science.- 1. fireplace, mild and Color.- 2. medical Method.- VI. Conclusions.- nine. Mary Wollstonecraft.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- III. Philosophy.- 1. Human Nature.- 2. Ethics.- three. Social and Political Philosophy.- four. Philosophy of Education.- five. affects on Wollstonecraft’s Philosophy.- 6. Critique of Rousseau.- IV. Conclusions.- 10. Clarisse Coignet.- I. Introduction.- II. Metaethics and ethical Philosophy.- 1. the hot technological know-how of Morality.- 2. Freedom, a truth of Human Nature.- three. guy, the writer of Morality.- four. accountability, a legislations of Conscience.- III. Political and Social Philosophy.- 1. The kingdom, an Extension of person Morality.- 2. The Social Contract.- three. The Separation of faith and Morality.- four. Women’s Suffrage and Women’s Destiny.- IV. Conclusions.- eleven. Antoinette Brown Blackwell.- I. Biography.- II. Philosophy.- 1. Metaphysics.- 2. Truth.- three. Perception.- four. Time.- five. God.- 6. Immortality.- 7. Mind/Body Problem.- eight. Nature of the Sexes.- III. Conclusions.- 12. Julie Velten Favre.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- III. Philosophy.- 1. The cohesion of ethical Law.- 2. Woman’s ethical Vocation.- three. the nice Human Family.- four. An “Ethics of Abundance”.- IV. Conclusions.- thirteen. ladies Philosophers of the 17th, Eighteenth and 19th Centuries.- I. The 17th Century.- 1. Anna Maria van Schurman.- 2. Bathsua Pell Makin.- three. Elisabeth of Bohemia, Princess Palatine.- four. Helena Lucretia Cornaro Piscopia.- II. The Eighteenth Century.- 1. Laura Bassi Verati.- 2. Catharine Sawbridge Macaulay-Graham.- three. Sophia, an individual of caliber [pseud.].- four. (Marie) Olympe de Gouges (Marie de Gouzes).- five. Mary Fairfax Somerville.- 6. Anna Doyle Wheeler.- III. The 19th Century.- 1. Catharine Ward Beecher.- 2. Harriet Martineau.- three. Harriet Hardy Taylor Mill.- four. Jenny Poinsard d’Héricourt.- five. George Eliot (Marian Evans).- 6. Clemence Royer.- 7. Juliette Lambert los angeles Messine Adam.- eight. Christine Ladd-Franklin.- nine. Hortense Allart de Meritens.- IV. Conclusions.

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Though Cavendish energetically recorded this view, it was never her own. Ladies, Gentlewomen, and other Inferiours, but not less Worthy, I have been Industrious to Assemble you together, and wish I were so Fortunate, as to persuade you to make a Frequentation, Association, and Combination amongst our Sex, that we may Unite in Prudent Counsels, to make our Selves as Free, Happy, and Famous as Men .... Men are so Unconscionable and Cruel against us, as they Indeavor to Barr us of all Sorts or Kinds of Liberty, as not to Suffer us Freely to Associate amongst our Sex, but would fain Bury us in their Houses or Beds, as in a Grave; the truth is, we Live like Bats or Owls, Labour like Beasts, and Dye like Worms.

She was the first woman minister ordained in the United States, a suffragist, poet, and novelist. She wrote six books of philosophy, the most extensive of which, The Philosophy of Individuality, presented an elaborate cosmology of mind and matter as dual aspects of nature. The Physical Basis of Immortality paralleled the indestructibility of the self with that of matter, and The Sexes Throughout Nature provided a critique of sexism inherent in evolutionary theories. Her philosophical formation was intricately connected to her religious vocation.

Been a philosopher. The privileges of rank gave her access to a world of philosophy. Cavendish was born Margaret Lucas, daughter of Thomas Lucas of the lesser gentry of Colchester. As she recorded in her autobiography, she had little formal education, and what education she had was that suited to a lady - singing, dancing, "playing on music," reading, writing, and the like. "4 Margaret Lucas recognized that women's greatest access to knowledge at this time was through men. ), A History o/Women Philosophers/Volume 3, 1-20.

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