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By J. Payne Smith, Jessie Payne Smith

During this significant reference software, Jessie Payne Smith has abridged the nice two-volume paintings, 'Thesaurus Syriacus,' via her overdue father. yet her job was once to not easily edit down the sooner, vast tomes. She additionally supplied English translations for every access and extra notations. Her father's dictionary had translated each one Syriac be aware into Latin. The Latin translations made it extra the world over obtainable; yet with the decline of using Latin, it reduced in usefulness. Her labors have insured that it maintains to learn students and scholars of Syriac.

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Ir ",,.. v a) to go away, depart, wit/ul;raw; ...... ,.. L~ he departed from him and went on his way; i(" fear left them. b) den om. from }-;ol, to stay on the way, stop on a journey. :;:>. ;(. m. ;(' a weary traveller; metaph. tranS1·ent. b) =}-;ol a way. -' . m~;r pI. ~~;l f. x bushels alld a quart. r. , ... I \.... H b ~"''''6''' ,,- or ,"," •••• 0" a e rew corruption ofthe Persian name Ardishir, Artaxerxes. ,... L f. I~jt pI. m. , '"'~' ' h eretlca, . l ~" QlpfT£ICOr, an heret'w. wil root-meaning found in Arabic, conj.

S;)l: ~~r &c. f. n+u, an eclipse of the sun or moon. I~l cellars, store-rooms. ~r and ~r pI. J,:.. m. an ankle-chain, a bangle. ::-;,.. i 1the bloom of his youth. su:u; to be near, draw near, begt"n, add, proceed, &c. '-. v A ~( act. part. ~,..... or ioA-'IO PREl, of ~; to cool. interrog. particles such as ,. I' . L' ~'( 1. 'IO, ~, ~. a d' J. from I, • -, ~~'(. quadragesimal, ~;t~oj the Lenten fast. the forty days' fast. ;1 a sea-shrimp. ~;l: ~;t pI. :.. the papyrus reed; the spathe of a palm.

OTpaTt6)Tflr, a soldier. portico. ~4mr pI. :,Q~? m. OTOtxfiov, an element, a first principle; a verse or part of a hymn. ~4=r f. I~... ~~~r pI. m. ~~r f. 1~4A1r adj. from the preceding; elemental, elementary, primary, primitive. pI. axor, m. the stomach. ,~l: JJ~rpI. ~ m. OTU>"OS', a column, pz'llar, support, prop. ht~rand J~4mr pI. ~ m. a stylite, a pillar-saint. 9~1 a time, season. J,6;~r m. storax, a sweet-smelling gwrn. »4mr lJ~r pI. e. a doctrinal hymn. The Syr. ;~. J~1lO1 ostiarius, doorkeeper, usher.

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