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By David Wellington

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The ultimate Reckoning

Laura Caxton's battles opposed to the traditional vampire Justinia Malvern have price her approximately everything—her badge, her freedom, her family and friends . . . even perhaps her humanity.

And as she hides out within the inner most backwoods of Pennsylvania, pursued by means of the police officers who have been as soon as her colleagues, Laura definitely seems crushed. yet as Laura sees it, what little is left of her soul is completely tailored to the task of ridding the realm of its final vampire. and due to the bad readability she's discovered, Laura's get a hold of a plan—one that would end Malvern as soon as and for all.

But the ever-wily Malvern has a number of final aces left to play and is quietly dealing a hand that would contain a poor destiny for the few pals Laura's acquired left. whilst the 2 adversaries meet for the final time of their such a lot epic conflict, the vampires will strength Laura to pay a value some distance past whatever she's sacrificed prior to.

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