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By Arthur C. Clarke

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1000 years after the Jupiter venture to discover the mysterious Monolith were destroyed, after Dave Bowman was once remodeled into the megastar baby, Frank Poole drifted in area, frozen and forgotten, leaving the supercomputer HAL inoperable. yet now Poole has back to lifestyles, awakening in an international a long way diversified from the single he left behind--and simply because the Monolith might be stirring once more . . .

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In doing so it disturbed a creature of the Europan abyss and was destroyed (see Spacecraft Tsien, Galaxy, Universe). Since the conversion of Jupiter into the mini-sun Lucifer in 2061, virtually all of Europa's ice-cover has melted, and extensive vulcanism has created several small islands. TRANSCRIBE STORE. TRANSMIT POOLE. 16 As is well-known, there have been no landings on Europa for almost a thousand years, but the satellite is under continuous surveillance. Ganymede, largest moon in the Solar System (diameter 5260 kilometres), has also been affected by the creation of a new sun, and its equatorial regions are warm enough to sustain terrestrial life-forms, though it does not yet have a breathable atmosphere.

Perhaps it's original, though I doubt it. Thought you'd like to hear it – will be interested in your comments. Here's our discussion -MISS PRINGLE COPY AUDIO 94. 'Surely, Ted, you can't deny that most of the greatest works of human art have been inspired by religious devotion. ' STORE TRANSMIT 'Yes – but not in a way that will give much comfort to any believers! ' 'Well, there have been some famous attempts to do this with the arts. ' 'The last list I saw – it was on the Earth Artnet only a few years ago – was divided into Architecture, Music, Visual Arts… I remember a few of the examples… the Parthenon, the Taj Mahal… Bach's Toccata and Fugue was first in music, followed by Verdi's Requiem Mass.

Poole felt the need to be alone when the drive went on, and the tiny crew – only four men and three women – respected his wish. Perhaps they guessed how he must be feeling, to leave Earth for the second time in a thousand years – and, once again, to face an unknown destiny. II. GOLIATH. 14 Jupiter-Lucifer was on the other side of the Sun, and the almost straight line of Goliath's orbit would take them close to Venus. Poole looked forward to seeing, with his own unaided eyes, if Earth's sister planet was now beginning to live up to that description, after centuries of terraforming.

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